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03-13-2012, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
Many of the people here who like Avery (cult?) understand there are legit reasons why he's not on the team anymore--that his game is not as good as it once was. Even so--why does it piss you off that some people still like him?--and why would that be Avery's fault if they did? He certainly can't control what other people think about him.

That's a reason I don't get some of Rangerboy's comments about him. We all know he was once a really good player for us. A 3rd liner capable of 35-40 point seasons who really got other teams off their game. All in all over his career he's only really scored one big contract--the one he's on now. He's not worth the money but arguably he was worth $2.5 to $3 at the time and if I remember correctly that's about what Slats was going to give him. Things have deteriorated since but he's not going to be a headache for our management anymore.

Again I don't care what happened in Dallas or L.A. His best seasons were with us. As far as Slats goes--don't worry about him either. IMO Sather is lucky to have survived past the lockout but he knows how to take care of himself. The idea that Avery insulted him--don't make me laugh. He did nothing of the kind. And he didn't demean the organization either. We're at the top of the standings. The truth is we didn't need Sean anymore. Simple as that and he obviously didn't want to be a minor leaguer like Redden--maybe he had a little more pride. Did we need his cap hit at the trade deadline?--not really. As far as these alleged internecine battles between Torts and Avery I'm not interested in taking sides. I see one main thing. Torts is the coach and his team is winning. No reason to question his decision making.
It doesn't piss me of that people still liked him. It pissed me off that people would consistently bring up a third liner who was at the end of his prime in threads or discussions that had nothing to do with him. And it was the same people all the time.

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