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Originally Posted by penaltykiller View Post
to xX Hot Fuss

Think of us as the Blackhawks under Bill Wirtz for the final years of the Expos.
Except , we did not have a new stadium , the canadian dollar was terrible compared to the US dollar and no one was willing to buy the team.

We never had a new owner ,so we never had a chance to get a John Mcdonagh or even players such as Toews or Kane. When I think of Stephen Strasburg or Bryce Harper ...

I don't know if the video is still on youtube but there was a conference made in 2009 about the Expos five yeas after they left. The panel included Michael Barrett and they were answering questions about the team.

One final thing: I am 23 years old. The people my age are the final ones who actually grew up with baseball and I don't know that many people who still follow the sport. The Expos lost an entire generation of fans , Bill Wirtz style...

The younger people today are playing and watching football and soccer and people who care aout baseball are sometimes seens as dinosaurs.
Excellent analogy. My 5 year old son is an Expos fan. I bought him and he wears Expos gear all over the place and when he is asked about them he replies that they are in heaven . . .

It's sad but he will probably grow up a Yanks fan. (At least no one from the NL East).

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