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02-09-2006, 12:07 AM
Jorge Garcia
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Originally Posted by Gator Mike
I think even bigger than the potential legal issues facing players is the notion that players and coaches and owners can be connected to organized crime. Let's face it - every sport deals with players who run into legal issues. But not every sport pops up in connection with the mob.

The idea that there might be players in the NHL who could potentially owe big bucks to the mob? It's something the league has to deal with swiftly and harshly.
Man, you are so right. This whole thing gives me a sick feeling: the leaks from the cops, the fast, loose and careless speculation and naming of names ...
Panasonic Youth suggested the States hates hockey. I wouldn't go that far, but there is a certain indecent glee among the U.S. media that suggests an underlying hostility to the sport. In Ottawa, we're stuck listening to Fox radio late at night on the all-sports station. Usually, those yahoos wouldn't mention hockey if you paid them. Last night, with a nice unproven scandal to chew on, they couldn't shut up about it. They even played the Dragnet theme to add a little extra punch to their innuendo-drenched newscasts. Man, basketball invented point-shaving. Basketball players can charge into the stands and beat up the paying customers. Football players kill people. Hell, a college lineman got his 300-pound butt stuck in a Taco Bell drivethru window, and even that was reported without comic sound effects. I would just like to see something proven in court before a whole lot of people get dragged through the crapper.

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