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03-13-2012, 07:04 PM
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Originally Posted by FiveForDrawingBlood View Post
It's 50/50...for every Penguins or Black Hawks team who are terrible for 5 years drafting high works for them there is a Blue Jackets or Islanders which drafting high didn't work. The point is who wants to scrap on the bottom of the NHL for 5 years for 50% chance of it benefitting them?
Not true. Drafting high worked for the Islanders. It would've anyway... their idiot GM dealt away a Stanley Cup contending roster of picks and prospects that went on to become: Redden, Bertuzzi, Luongo, Chara, Jokinen, Spezza...

Those clubs didn't win DESPITE getting top picks, not because of it. The Isles are actually the poster boys for rebuilding. They weren't patient, dealt away picks and prospects and then sat in the cellar forever. The Leafs have done the same thing with Seguin, Rask and others...

Nobody claims that drafting high is all you have to do and you get a cup. Clubs have won without top picks on them. But top picks yield superstars and superstars yield cups. It only stands to reason that drafting high helps you to win cups and that's what we've seen.

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