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Originally Posted by NRG87 View Post
Since I feel bad that every single poster (and moderator) misunderstood Palindrom's point in his "Carbonneau: ''Without Budaj, we lose 8-2 tonight'' (Mon-Buf) thread", I'm going to reformulate on his behalf.

Do you think that we tend to overglorify goalies in Montreal?

I do think, in general, that goalies get a little too much credit in Montreal. If Montreal wins, it's because of the goalie. And if they lose, it's usually because the team sucks despite the goalie. This is how it's always been here. Goalies are semi-deities here.

Now has Montreal had very good goalies over the years? Of course, we've been pretty fortunate at the goalie position. But I still feel as though there's always been a tendency here to discredit the team a little too much by attributing the lion's share of success to the goaltenders.

Montreal is sorta like the anti-Philly. In Philly, the goalie is usually unfairly vilified no matter what. When they win, it's because the team is good enough despite the goalie. When they lose, it's the goalie's fault. Sure, they haven't had the best goalies, but stories of how horrendous it's been are very exaggerated.

The fact of the matter is that the league has plenty of good goalies. Good goaltending should be more of a base expectation for at least half the teams now, as opposed to something out of the ordinary to be thankful for.
I don't disagree with the concept but there is a simple reason for it though: this team has lacked top end offensive talent for decades now. I mean, when Plekanec, Kovalev have been the team's best offensive talent in recent memory, it's a sad situation. This team has relied on solid goaltending for too long already as if they don't perform, the team has no chance.

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