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03-13-2012, 08:08 PM
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Only goalies i've seen in the past 40yrs that i would consider glorified based on preformance would be Ken Dryden and Patrick Roy.
Roy and Dryden weren't great every game they played, but they were unbeatable when the game was on the line. Rock solid when needed.

A steady dependable goalie will take you a long way in the game of hockey. Philly and Ottawa has had some real good hockey teams over the past 10-15 yrs but failed to go out and get even an average steady goalie to put them over the hump. They must have used up 20 different goalies with no luck.

Goalies have to be in the zone 99.9% of the time to take a team all the way to the cup.
Playoffs are very tough and you have to be mentally ready every night out, even when
your up 2, 3 goals in a game, you can't let your guard down one little bit, if you do and you let in a couple of soft goals , the next game out is even tougher to win.

You can have all the goalie skills you need, if you don't have it going on in your head, you'd better have a hell of a team in front of you to get that cup ring

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