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03-13-2012, 08:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Tumsh View Post
I agree with the people that say that his speed and hockey IQ are his greatest assets. He might not have the vision of some others, which may reduce his effectiveness as a puck distributor. He also lacks some experience which shows sometimes (e.g. panicking with the puck). However, he seems to always know how to apply his skills for maximum effectiveness, which to me is the main part of hockey IQ.

It's the opposite of people who keep trying to do things that are way to complicated for their skills level and have low odds of succeeding. I'm thinking someone like Alex Semin here, who is basically the opposite of Hags. He's really skilled, has great vision, but doesn't really use it to it's full potential. Hags has average(ish) skill and vision, but plays the game in a way that makes the most of it.

As a first line LW, I don't think he's ideal. He might be the best this club has right now, but to me that speaks more of the LW depth than it does his abilities. What I do think about him is that because he plays a simple, efficient game, and has the skills that he does, he can be fitted to any line and not hold them back. He is probably very easy to play with for anyone.

The backside of that is that he's not really the guy running the (or any) line. He can compliment any line, but if you're relying on him to drive a line, at least as of now, you're going to be disappointed.

Either way, it's really fun to see someone come in and do what he does and the way he does it.
Ok il take Hagelin first or any line the way he is playing. Give me a break, but Drury and Gomez were top liners when we signed them right lol.

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