Thread: Post-Game Talk: Tank Nation on track...5-2 loss.
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03-13-2012, 09:46 PM
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The one consolation I take from this is that for the first time in a few years we might have nothing to hang our hat on going into the offseason.

A few years ago it was doing great at the end cause Gus went on a hot streak. The next year Phaneuf/Giguere improved us in the last part of the season. After that it was Reimer for the last 20 games. Basically every year we've gotten good performances near the end of the year from some move that was made only to find that the following year it was a complete mirage.

Now I'm not giving up on Reimer yet, but he is not a starter right now, not even close. And this team is certainly not gonna do it in it's current state. Things need to change. A lot of things. For the last few years we haven't really been able to say that without being unsure because of what we did in the last 15-20 games of those years. But this time, no protection IMO.

I've actually supported being patient with Burke because there's still a lot of things I've liked from him in other areas despite the actual team's lack of success, but if he doesn't make some major moves this offseason I'm really going to wonder whether he's the guy going forward. I do however think he will, even he's admitted how perplexed he is with the team's struggles and I'm sure he can't be too happy that their play forced him to fire his friend.

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