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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
His posts are one liners that don't include much thought behind them man. If you're looking for meaningful thoughts or insight from him, look elsewhere.

As to your main point, yes you are absolutely right. First, one player won't single-handedly win anything (notice of course that nobody in this thread claimed it would but hey why let that get in the way of another off topic one liner right?) Secondly, yes finishing lower DOES make a positive difference for us right now. Seems like a pretty simple concept but some folks go out of their way to pretend as though it's not fact.

Fact of the matter is that we're out of the playoffs. The fact of the matter is that getting a lower pick doesn't benefit us in any way. No matter how much people try to fool themselves into believing that a lower pick is better than a high one, they are flat out wrong. It makes no sense at all to want to have other teams draft ahead of you.

The crap about "not being a real fan" is of course a sham. If there's something wrong with drafting high, then the folks who are so against it shouldn't go to the games or celebrate in the parades if that pick leads us to a cup.

Of course if and when it happens, they won't want to talk about it then.
A more legitimate argument:

Doing worse than teams like Edmonton, NYI, Toronto et cetera over the next 12 games will not come easy. You could argue that the Habs have underachieved this year, and that their natural tendency is to do a little bit better, that they have a cupcake schedule left, etc, and thus they should end up drafting 7th. The team is winning more with the recent additions of Markov and Staubitz.

Ergo, "tanking" would require instilling a losing culture in the team, which could have long-term costs.

I'm not sure the above argument is good, but I think it's legitimate.

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