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11-15-2003, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by jin
Parrish makes less then 3 million dollars to play as a solid top 6 forward, by market standards that's pretty good. Wiemer while not expensive, is overpaid for the role that he plays and even if he wasn't, as a decent third liner his value wasn't that high anyways. So, when thinking about who Atlanta would need to give up to get Parrish, just think of what it would take Atlanta to trade for Marc Savard, as I think Savard and Parrish have similar values (Savard's value is higher then when he got traded from Calgary because he's not fighting with the coach in Atlanta), also look at team needs, NY, I believe (I'm not an Islander's fan) is looking for offensive top six wingers (something that Parrish is already but whatever), so to interest them Atlanta would probably want to offer one. Unless Atlanta is interested in trading Kovalchuk or Heatley for a big package (which I don't think they are), I just don't see the two teams a good trading partners, although bringing in a third team is a possible way to get around this.
Thank you. That is exactly the kind of feedback I was seeking.

As an aside, half the proposals I see around here are very short and to the point with no reasoning or analysis whatsoever from the person who proposes it. When someone actually takes the time to think something out, wrong as they may be such as myself, I think they deserve better than a page full of thread crapping. Even if a trade is brutal, if someone actually puts the time and effort into trying to contribute something of substance it should be recognized with a lot more than the usual "Ha, Ha" "Brutal" "Worst ever" comments. It may very well be the worst ever proposal to grace the boards, but we as a community should have the maturity to respond to it in a manner that befits the effort the individual poster put into it.

And an apology to you jin. I was out of line with some of my comments and attitude directed towards you.

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