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02-09-2006, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by lstcyr
I really enjoyed reading all of the posts but here's my take. Two years ago we were an eighth place team. Now we're fourth to sixth leaning towards fourth. We compete with the elite and do fairly well. We're one-two-three years away from where Detroit consistently is. Is that so bad? Let's step back and look at the progress we've made. We're not worried about making the playoffs but what position we'll end up in. We get angry when we lose to Columbus and Chicago but we're not going to sweep every season series even against teams we should beat consistently. Hey, when we started every team in the league thought they should beat us and they didn't always succeed. Why should we?

As for the Detroit game last night, we looked terrible. BUT. some credit should be given to Detroit. If Columbus had come into Nashville and beat us two nights in a row and then returned a week later, don't you think our team would be motivated to beat the heck out of them in front of the home crowd. Let's remember the pride that probably added a lot to Detroit's effort.
Let me start by saying I am a hockey fan who is also a Wings fan. Nashville is a young talented up and coming team. Don't read too much into the one game or one week worth of games. Every team has ups and downs and right now Detroit is playing as well as they have all year and Nashville is slumping. Combine the two and add just a bad night and you get last nights game.

Tonight, in Nashville, I expect the Preds to use their speed and hit anything in red. As long as the Wings don't get the first few goals early, I expect tonight to be a very hard fought game.

You guys have a good team. Don't overreact.

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