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Originally Posted by Corto View Post
I never read Terry Goodkind, the shortness of the books never screamed "epic" to me.

As for Erikson... It's really hard-core fantasy, no compromises, full out magic, gods, planes, mixed in with politics and intrigue.
It's dark and unpredictable... And long.
I thought the first book was very good (not great), and the second seemed dull... Until the last 1/4 or so... And that last 1/4 of the second book and the 3rd book got me completely hooked and I ended up devouring the whole series (10 books).

So, a long read, and unless you're really into that sort of thing (getting to know the worlds, epicness thingy etc.) you might get intimidated/turned off at some point.


To a "casual" fantasy reader, I'd recommend GRRM and Abercrombie.
To a hard-core one, I'd recommend those and Erikson and Scott Bakker's "Prince of Nothing" trilogy.
I'm alright with long reads, as long as things don't get boring. I'll probably do Sword of Truth after I get caught up with GRRM. I have to read books 3-5 there. And when A Memory of Light hits shelves, I'm going to have to drop everything and read that, haha.

I almost bought a Kindle device today, but did a little research and found out that there is a library near my school in LA that I'll be attending next month. Save $80 on the reader and read the books fo' free! I'm only going to read them once, I feel like...especially Erikson and Sword of Truth since those both of those series are finished. But all's not lost in that book research exercise; I've discovered a lot of books to read. It'll probably take 2 years to read them all

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