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02-09-2006, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by reej
I dont really want to waste any board space, so why start a new topic, eh? Now, I have never played on a "team" persay BUT I do know how to skate. I have always been a "above average" goalie. (note: I dont say this but many of my coaches, friends have) These friends, ironically that are on the team I am looking to get on myself on (high school team). They say that I am more than average and will probably be a starting goaltender if I were to try out. Only problem is.. that lets say I have eaten a bit too much hot dogs in my years of life. I'm fat. I used to be a a pretty athletic person but I got into this "metalhead" stage when I was 13 and gained alot of weight. Enough about my life story though. This is what I NEED, dangrt.

I need some sort of workout regimen (exercise, diet, weights, the whole shabangabang) to get me on a competitive team (high school). So if any of you nice souls could possibly help me with this I will give you my box of love for ever, and ever.
getting in shape isn't a mystery, it just takes hard work and dedication.

to lose weight you need a calorie deficient diet, and lots of cardio. if you need any advice, let me know. ill see what i can do for you.

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