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Originally Posted by Manny View Post
Get off your high horse. You must not have any idea how arrogant you sound sometimes. Quit acting like your opinion is to this message board what the Qur'an is to the Islamic faith.
I don't think MoO's post was directed solely at you. IMO he was just addressing the fact that a lot of posters assess a player as being great or **** without seeing much of there play or them play at all. Therefore a lot of projections about how well a player will perform and if they are good enough to potentially be a calder candidate are not really substantiated by anything else than interpretation of player statistics.

With that stated, you may have very well seen Silfverberg play a significant amount of times to both validate and substantiate your projections for him as being a Calder candidate next season. Therefore MoO was wrong to assume that just because a large amount of posters are unable to substantiate their assessment of a player and projections for that players future performance due to the fact that they haven't or only have limited viewings of a given prospect, that you are part of that grouping.

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