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03-14-2012, 01:02 AM
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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
My midsection has been in revolt since I turned 40 last Feb.

-First there was the torn rib cartilage that kept me out of work for 4 months. It doesn't seem like it will ever be 100%.

-now I've got a hernia. I got back from a fire thursday night and it felt like I had 3 testicles. I knew I only left with 2 so something was up.

The triage nurse at ECMC had some fun with me and another FF that hurt his elbow. As she was taking our vitals she stops and says. " now let me get this straight, you hurt your elbow? and you hurt you groin? You wanna tell me how you really got hurt? I promise I won't tell."
Awe that sucks JJ.

It's funny, as i told you before, my uncle is a Buffalo FF, and i've gone to his firehouse a couple times to visit. I see the relaxing and easy time they have while getting paid.

But i also know the balls to the wall kinda dedication, training, and professionalism most of you do when the bell rings! It's something i greatly admire and respect. I hope your hernia isn't not too serious. No surgery No surgery!

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