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03-14-2012, 06:14 AM
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Despite what all the tankers are falsely claiming in this thread, the truth is that over the last 10-15 years only one team that tanked regularly has won the Cup and that's Chicago.

If you include the Pens then you're mistaken. Crosby on top of being a generational player was also a roll of the dice. If Pittsburgh hadn't won the walk out crap shoot they would never have won the SC. Look at the Pens today, are they a SC contender without Crosby?

The Caps, the Oilers, the Islanders, Panthers, Columbus, they've had many terrible losing seasons and they still haven't won anything.

So I don't buy this nonsense that you need to tank for 2-3-4 years and you'll win the Cup.

Also, the problem with the Habs the past 10 years isn't that we haven't had players that could bring us to the finals. It's that we had 2 brain dead GMs who squandered away the riches provided to them by TT and his scouting team.

During the last 10 years if we had a GM with half a brain he would have traded the excess talent for talent that we lacked. Players that have been shipped out of Montreal for nothing in return.

Sergei K

That's 16 players who had some value and we got nothing in return (except for McDonagh & Higgins we got negative value back). Then you add all the draft picks that were pi$$ed away for one year patches. I understand SOME of those players had to go but not all of them and not for zip in return.

With TT in place all we needed was a GM who was capable of seeing what he had and what he needed. Not the two imbeciles we have had in placed who devalued their players and then unloaded them or released for nothing.

Or let me put it another way. If we will tank the next 5 years and get the #1 pick each year and Gauthier and Gainey (or someone like them) are still around, we ain't gonna win didley squat. They'll devalue those picks or other prospects and get rid of them after a few years.

We don't need to tank. We need a GM with some foresight and some intelligence.

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