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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
Wow... at least when some people "cherry pick", their arguments are at least somewhat sound... this is just... well, wow...

Stuart- 20:48min/game
Kubina- 19:48min/game (was over 20min with tampa, on a better team, his minutes have dropped)
Meszaros- 20:39min/game
Rosival- 19:18min/game (was over 20min before serious concussion, minutes limited since return)

of the rest:

Redden is permanently in the AHL b/c of his contract.
Komisarek, Ballard, Volchenkov & Jovocop have all been clear disapointments for their teams since signing their contracts.

Regher signed his deal in 07, 5 years ago when he was a top-pairing shut-down dman.

and this is the way you reason that Kaberle isn't badly overpaid? You can't be serious... can you?

"top-pairing" like any other designation, is a term of reference. What we are (or should) be talking about is impact.

a player who can handle 20+min/game for his team effectively, is what were talking about. Obviously, it depends entirely on what other players are on your team, how deep the defensive group is...

Gorges is clearly a "top-pairing" player for us, but he clearly wouldn't be for Chicago (or I should say, likely wouldn't, though of course they could chose to pair him with Keith and put Seabrook on the "2nd pairing".

How many minutes a dman can reasonably handle is what's important.

Kaberle, on a team with a weak & inexperienced defense, 17:41min/game, and that average has gone up since Gill (the most experienced guy on the team) left town.

Paying a guy 4.25M$ and then not being able to use him ~20min/game (wether on the first or second or even 3rd pairing) is not good cap management.

nothing you've presented deals with that fact.

mistakenly highlighting a bunch of guys who A-play ~20min/game for their team or B- are CLEARLY overpaid/underperforming does nothing but show how wrong your argument is.

i mean, are you for real? or is this just one long "joke", with a big waiting for us at the end?

at least that would make some kind of sense...
I'm not suggesting that Kaberle is getting a ton of minutes but they have dressed 7 d-men for most games since he's been here. The only guys that have not been affected by that are Subban(because he plays vs top lines plus PP and PK) and Gorges(plays vs top lines and PK). Right now nobody is getting true #3 or 4 minutes, they are being split among Kaberle Campoli Emelin Weber and Markov.

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