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03-14-2012, 07:49 AM
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What I have so far!

NYR Boyler87 - Matt Demers - Get well soon Mike, we look forward to seeing you back out on The Garden ice wearing a Blueshirt

kaneone - Parker Rappaport - Hopefully you and your brother get well soon

Onion Boy – Alex B. -

Ih8theislanders - Danny M.


BrooklynRangersFan – Jamie G - Get well soon Mike!



Hightide85 - Wes D. - Get well soon Michael!

McSauer - Come back soon, Michael! We need you!

Alexander Brolov - John T.

Everyday Im Hagelin - Jamy Baron

Poozer - Nick F.

Original Blue - Tyler G. - Can't wait to see you in the Bruisin' Blue!!!!

NickyFotiu - Mike I thought you were the best Dman on the team last season. Take your time and get your health back to 100%. That is what is most important.

redfzn - Brian P. - Mike, you are missed back there. Can't wait for you to get back and handle the business!

NYRKindms - Mike D. - We miss you on the blueline, get well soon

HatTrick Swayze - Justin K - get well soon mike, miss watching you out there

NYR Wolf - Patrick K. - Don't rush back, your health is the most important thing. Take care, man.

KingWantsCup - Chris N. - Get well soon Mike! Your absence has not gone unnoticed with us fans.

Mkhizgilov - Michael Khizgilov- Get well soon Mike!! We all miss you!

Dfine06 - David F.

AdamBanks99 - Paul Collett - Get well soon, Mikey. We miss you.

Jabroni1994 - Zach - Get better... can't wait for you to lay the smackdown on the blueline!

Ranger_Engineer - Get well soon, Mike!

4th Line Grinder - ________

Sean Aviary - Sean A. - We miss you in the big apple, hope you're feeling well!

EpicDing - Andrew Quaranto

blue425 - Mike G- Can't wait to see you on the ice again! Feel better man!

Pugs35 - Chris P.

King Henrik 30 - Ryan K. - Get well soon, Mike. Can't wait to see you rocking the Ranger blue again!

mrudds2911 - Mike. R - Get well soon, Mikey. Can't wait to see you back on the ice!


Nich - Nick G.

Dubkov21 - A.S. - Feel better, Mike. Can't wait to see you back!

ArtemAnisimov42 – Adam Brant

Melrose Jr. – Nate H. – Hang in there Mike!

AK2794 – A.B. – Get well soon Mike, we miss you!

Dubi Has Arrived – Dan M.

GAGline – Brian D. – Mellon, we need ya!

Trxjw – Jake W. – Get well soon, Mike! We miss you out there!

New England Hockey – Ryan Enochs – Get well soon Mike, and take your time. We’re all excited to have you back.

Blueshirt Special – Steve M.

Torts Kinda Guy – Rob Kieffer – Get well soon, we here at HF are pulling for you!

SwissFreakinWatch – Chris S. - Get well soon Mike, always loved watching you on the blueline and can't wait to see you back in Rangers blue

Stepan Up – Matt M. – Get well soon!


Nyr5186 – Oleg O. – Can’t wait to see you back on the ice again! Let’s go Rangers!

Muh – Mike Y. – Get well soon buddy, can’t wait to have ya back.

MountaineerManiac – Ben H. – Get well soon, Mike. We miss seeing you out there!

Rangerfan4life90- Hope you're having a healthy and speedy recovery. We miss you! Can't wait till you're back!

iamitter – Matt Z. – Get well soon, Mike. We miss you on the ice.

Koz2393 – Joe Kozlowski – Get well soon Mike. Can't wait to see you back. Good luck and all the best.

NYRFAN218 - Joe C. - Get well soon Mike! We miss you both on and off the ice in NY.

BlueshirtBlitz - David V- Get well soon, Mike. We all miss you patrolling the Garden ice.

Bob Richards - Nick C. - Can't wait to have you back on the ice.

Jackson Ranger - Best of luck with your recovery. Hope to see you on the ice soon.

Henriks Broadway Hat - Lana L.- Get well soon, Mike. Hope to see you back on the Garden ice.

nyrpassion - Get well soon, Mike! We miss you out there.

silverfish - Adam Gavriel - Hurt or healthy, NYR fans are behind the players 100% Get well soon, Mike!

Cmox - Carla M - Get well soon,Mike!

Riverdale - Evan T - Get well soon, we wish you the best!

NYRangers88 - Ed L.

Hobgoblin Steve - Steven Fritsch - Get well soon!

htk30 - Marc Savino - Get well soon Mike, Ranger Nation misses you and we can't wait to see you back on the ice!

Bipolar - Nils Steinbuegl - Can't wait to see you wreck havoc in blue again!

Sooth - J-P Forsberg

Megustaelhockey – Dave K.

Callagraves – Jason B. – We miss you Mikey

pdogfizzle - Phil W.- We love you Mike! Stay strong

New York RKY - Mike A- Get well soon Mike. Look forward to seeing you on the ice again sometime soon. We miss you.

White Plains Batman - Mike from Westchester - Mike, we miss your presence both on and off the ice, you're an awesome player and teammate and representative of the Rangers, NHL, and Minnesota. Keep positive, stay strong, and your family, friends, and faith will help you get back.

Blue Blooded - Axel Fant-Eldh - Get well soon Mike, best wishes from Sweden!

17futurecap - Mark H- Get well soon Mike, we miss you buddy!

useref15 - Evan F- Can't wait to see you back in a Rangers sweater.

Zuccarello Awesome - Brett Rosenfeld and Heather Palleschi - Get well soon, Mike. We miss your outlet passes!

kennglin13 – Ken G. - Get well soon! Don't make Marc too jealous by bragging about this card!!

Bmw2004 - Lenny D. - Stay strong and feel better. Will see you soon.

AJRanger - Alex N - Get well soon buddy. The blueline's missed your consistency this season.

ThatCrazyRangerFan – John G. - Get well soon, buddy! We all miss you in blue! I hope you recover safely!

nyr2k2 - Nooch- Hang in there Mike, we're all pulling for you.

Hellion – Stian A.

1994sec311 - Get well soon Mike--we miss you!

AlphaQup – Mike G. – Get well soon!

Maineice11 - Tim B. - Get well soon! We are all hoping you have a quick recovery!!

MrAlmost – Ron R.

Svenhart2008 - Sven H. - Get well soon Michael! Hope to see you back with the team shortly!

Chalfdiggity3 - David C - Get well soon Mike, we miss you and you will always be loved in NY!

savebyrichter35 - Bill B - Hope to see you back in blue soon!

Machinehead - John E. - Hope you're back kickin' some tail soon! We all miss you.

maddskkilz – Zeshan A. - Get well soon Mike. Wish you a happy and safe recovery.

NvincentYvalentineR – Chuck I. - All the way from Atlanta we hope you get better mike!

Michael Sauer - Omar A - Get better soon! Can't wait to see you back again on the blueline.

Hedon - Alex J. - We miss ya buddy. Best wishes from Sweden.

rebranch - John G- get well soon. Looking forward to seeing you be a blueshirt for a long time

t3hgoose - Salvatore S. - Get well soon Mike! Miss ya every game you're not in the line up!

GregSirico – Greg S. - Get well soon Mike, hope to see you back with the team soon.

DudleyDoWright5 - Johnluke C. - Get Well Soon Mike! We miss watching you be awesome on the ice!

Faxius - Erik L - We miss you Mike!

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