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03-14-2012, 08:36 AM
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Hump day? If you're Vader, clearly behind.

Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
My midsection has been in revolt since I turned 40 last Feb.

-First there was the torn rib cartilage that kept me out of work for 4 months. It doesn't seem like it will ever be 100%.

-now I've got a hernia. I got back from a fire thursday night and it felt like I had 3 testicles. I knew I only left with 2 so something was up.

The triage nurse at ECMC had some fun with me and another FF that hurt his elbow. As she was taking our vitals she stops and says. " now let me get this straight, you hurt your elbow? and you hurt you groin? You wanna tell me how you really got hurt? I promise I won't tell."
Good luck with that stuff. At least it makes a good story.

I need a new GP and have some things I need to get checked out.

In other news, Direct Air pulling up stakes screwed me for summer vacation. We'd flown with them before and they fly into close proximity of my parents' house in FLA. So.... it looks like the refund on the credit card will be available the day after the flight was originally scheduled. The cost, even with a one-night stay at a cheapy motor lodge, is about the same. The difference is one is about six hours total for transit to the airport, the flight, and baggage claim vs. driving over four days (two down, two back).

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