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Originally Posted by deanwormer View Post
You want to argue Smith "shouldn't" sit, then when challenged with the statement of fact that Spals is better on the dot than Smith you wanna argue you're not sure when he's taken a faceoff? and that he "might" get better with more practice? Well, gee whiz - maybe we should let him take the defensive zone faceoffs against Det and see how he does?

When you say he's better than Hals and are asked how their scoring compares you say Smith has gotten more assists - forgetting that Hals has pretty much skated with guys like Smithson all year and Smith with the skill guys. They've scored basically the same number of goals, and Hals is without question a stronger defensive player - and that's the role of a 3rd or 4th liner - to chip in on O and be good on D. Oh, and Hals kills penalties, too. So, sure Smith sets up guys better than Hals - how much is that gonna' help if he's skating with Gausted and Bourque and Yip? Again, it's about roles and balancing the lines.

No one on the board is crazy enough to argue the Smith doesn't have better overall SKILL than Hals, Toots, etc. But, today - he is not the best player to contribute in the role that all of those folks are asked to play. If he'd quit doing the things rookies do - like forgetting their defensive assignments - his O might outweigh his D and faceoff deficiency. But he's not proved that yet, and he's likely - just like Colin did - to find himself sitting out much, if not all, of the POs if he can't show Trotz he can stop doing boneheaded things.
You can let jo blow take a faceoff in the other teams zone it doesn't do much good if your team cannot keep possession. I would rather have Fisher and Goose take a faceoff if it came to it. It seems people think every player on the Predators should be faceoff and d specialist. Funny how people scream for offense but then say a player sucks in his rookie year because he is 44% in the faceoff dot and is not Legwand on Defense.

Halischuk has played on the same lines as Smith and has several years of ice time.
So the line excuse is invalid.

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