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03-14-2012, 12:11 PM
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a pass into the slot, or to the crease is not a bad play IF you look before you do it. I dont have a problem with those passes...when you look you can see if the lane is open, if your guy has the ability to get a shot off, and you dont take yourself out of the backcheck by doing some silly spin-o-rama like Cally loves to do.

The thing i have a problem with is when they do it w/o looking. They look, do their fancy play and pass it hoping they are getting it in the right general area. hoping, praying, these kinds of things shouldnt ever happen in a rigid system like the Rangers play. It's a dumb play. it looks pretty as hell when it works, but that doesn't make it any less dumb. Look before you pass, head up, eyes open, then make the pass. If Stepan doesnt do the spinorama he has Dubi right there for a scoring chance..thats not a bad play. he spun, he wasnt looking, he made a blind pass into an area and trapped his teammates with the stupid play. personally though, i dont particularly care for any passes from behind the net that are just hail marys hoping someone makes a play on a 50/50 puck, in that case you are better off throwing it back up the boards to your D so they can fire a shot on net or re-set.

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