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03-14-2012, 01:00 PM
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I started when I was 27, though it was through a beginners intake program where from every individual that signed up created 3 new teams of relative beginners, we were giving about 10 weeks of team training then tossed into the bottom/beginners division for the rest of the winter season. That didn't last long, as I moved cities after only 9 months, and the team I've been on the past 3 years since has become really damn good and this season we've moved into the top division so I still always feel like a beginner

Anyways, easiest position for a beginner is on the wing. In your own zone don't go running around chasing players/the puck, just keep it simple and cover your point man. Even if you aren't doing anything, by taking away the other teams point shot option you're contributing. If you watch any pro hockey you always see the wingers collapse down in front of the net, but they also have the skating ability and timing to get back to the point man when they need to. But while this is all simple the toughest thing to learn is when the puck comes up the board getting it passed that dman and out of the zone. Experience is the only thing that can really help here though.

So enough with defense, on the offense just always be sure to forecheck hard if you're the first one in and if the puck is controlled go to the net. Pretty simple there. Only thing to watch for is if you're two linemates are going in deep first, you may want to hang back a little bit in-case of a turnover so you can be the first on the backcheck.

That's the simplest way to play in my opinion. Oh, and one more piece of advice, for every warm up the first time you step on the ice and go for a few laps, grab a puck and skate with it while keeping your head up. If you lose it just grab another on your next pass. My puckhandling was always a little behind and doing this has helped me immensely.

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