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03-14-2012, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by sina220 View Post
I never said he's too short to be a shot blocker. I dont even know where you got that from. I just said he looks little against NHL guys and I don't know if he's going to be a regular nhler. I certainly aint buying hes 6ft 1, 200. And if he wants to be an NHL regular he's going to have to bring more than just skating and positioning, he's going to need to add a more physical element or something, ala boullion. That was my point, small guys need to bring more, not that he should specifically try and be exactly like boullion.

Originally Posted by sina220
Hes listed near the same as them but there's no way he's actually 6'1". Hes dwarfed by neal and 6'1" would mean hes only an inch shorter? Nuh uh. He is similar to martin in body type and strength, but Letang is much thicker and stronger. Straits probably about 185-190, just like martin.

Which like I said, is fine if he was a puckmover. But I don't think his shot blocking shutdown ways are suited for his body in the NHL. If he had more skill and nasty he could maybe carve out a Francis boullion career, but boullion was clearly the exception, not the rule. And even then, he was rarely healthy.
I just dont think size defines what a defensemans role should be as much as you. You said you think his size will hold him back from being a shot blocking type of shut down dman. I dont see that. A shot blocker might be more of a passive defensemen anyway. Not that I noticed him shying away from contact or fairing all that poorly in it. Especially considering how little time hes had in the NHL so far.

I dont get why smaller defensemen have to be either puck movers or guys who work even harder to be physical. Do larger defensemen then get a pass if thier soft? So long as hes not less than 5'-10"-ish I think skill, positioning, strength, mentallity, work ethic, etc. will define a players role. Under that sure most players need to be extra special at something to truly make it, sure. But thats not the case here.

I havent even seen Strait all that much, I'm not even trying to debate how good he'll be. I just think you put too much stock into a players size defining thier role.

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