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03-14-2012, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by utmfisher19 View Post
Why? Because then he can get in closer to his fans. Make him feel like a real person rather than just player on a NHL team like in a video game.

The upside is that people would get to know him as a REAL PERSON and not twist his words and then judge what he is saying based on those "twists". Because of people on this board (and a few other places), a few of the players have stopped tweeting (ex: Colin Wilson) because people read their tweets in such incorrect fashion. It's downright silly that we use such a great tool to connect with OUR TEAM's players (that has NEVER been available before this generation) to get to know them better as REAL PEOPLE, and instead use it to twist their words and make them sound like something else. It's disgusting to me.
Here's the problem though:

You're in effect saying that when fans' assessments of tweets is critical, they're wrong and you're right. In other words, your assessment is the correct one.

That's the problem with famous people tweeting. Both "sides" can interpret the tweet, and nobody can really say which side is right and with is wrong.

I can't get to know Jon Blum as a real person unless I happen to meet him through some mutual friend and we hit it off. That's very unlikely. Just because he tweets doesn't mean he's going to send me his cell number or play golf with me (though I'll be happy to take any Pred out for a round of golf).

Since I don't know him as a real person, all I can do is form my own opinion about what his tweets are conveying. If I happen to think his tweets are negative in tone, that doesn't make me a bad person.

It's also naive for athletes or other famous people to think they can put 140-characters out there and expect people that don't know them, their teammates, the coaches or the situation to interpret it correctly. But yet they get indignant when "Ugh...practice all over me" is taken as a negative rather than, "I had a bad day at practice today because I didn't sleep well last night and the coaches were really encouraging me to do better."

In short, if athletes want to put stuff out there, they have to understand that not everyone is going to read it the way they intended, and that doesn't make them against them.

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