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02-09-2006, 06:14 PM
Evil Sather
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now I'm going to say this slowly. Or type it slowly. Maybe it can be better understood. Or maybe people could read whole posts before saying things.

I never, ever said I could name 50 players with more trade value than Phaneuf. I happen to think he's in the top 20 in that regard. I said there were 50 players I'd rather have as players than Phaneuf. I listed them. Notice there's a lot of centers on the list? That's because I think center ice is the most important single position. Anyone is free to disagree with the list. That's fine. And apparently the majority of the board disagrees with me, and that's fine too. Doesn't bother me. And for the record, some people must have little in their lives to get this worked up over the trade value of a PLAYER on a TEAM that you DO NOT RUN, OWN, or have any affiliation with other than being a fan. It's a giant pissing contest that has me baffled

But all this was originally to the couple who scoffed at the notion that Marleau (a #1C on 20ish teams in the league) AND McLaren (a top pairing guy on nearly every team in the league) weren't "worth" Phaneuf. That's insane. I'm not crapping on Phaneuf, he'll get a top pairing, probably #1 guy for 10 years. Probably. But to say a team going for the cup this year would laugh at the proposition of a #1C and a top pairing D for a guy who according to posters is on the 2nd D-Pair is ludicrous. I'm done with the thread. I'm not getting into any more pissing contests over this. Phaneuf is great, he won't be traded, I hope everyone's orange juice will be extra sweet tomorrow with that knowledge.

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