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Originally Posted by Jmcarcagno View Post
Wanted to get some pointers/tips from seasoned players on playing beer league for the first time. I saw a previous thread about beer league tips, but this new "draft league" i'm going to start in April is a little different than standard.

Each team is made up of players of various skill level, and teams are supposed to be evened out to compensate. I would say i am better than total beginner, but im not a strong stick handler while skating aggressively. Any tips on playing with guys that are better than I am without hindering the team too much? I'm so damn excited to actually play on a team and have refs and all, i just want to be an effective player while I'm having fun. May sound cheesy to you guys who have played higher level competitive hockey, but for a 27 year old who is pretty new to playing, I feel like I've made it to the big time!
Good luck man!
-Work Hard
-Tell your teammates "good job" "nice pass" "great defense" often
-Pass to someone in better position than you are and skate your butt off to get in a better position than you were
-Do not order a White Zinfandel after the game

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