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03-14-2012, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by danishh View Post
Buffalo is kind of the only team in the division that everyone doesn't hate.

Ottawa hates Toronto, Montreal, Boston
Montreal hates Boston, Toronto, Ottawa
Toronto hates Montreal, Boston, Ottawa
Boston hates Montreal, Toronto, Lola at Ottawa
That's debateable...During the 06 and 07 playoffs, I learned to have a healthy hatred of the Sabres and I'm sure their fans felt the same way.

Rivalries are born from playoff hatred.

As for Ottawa hating Boston. Simply not true. In fact, I think Sens and Bruins fans probably get along the best because of our mutual hatred of Toronto and Montreal. I spend a lot of time in Boston and when I'm donning Sens gear, most Bruins fans come up to me to chat about hockey. My friend who wears a Habs hat gets booed and yelled at.

I don't know too many Sens fans who hate the Bruins as vociferously as they do the Leafs and Habs. It's hard for us to hate them because they have Chara and Kelly and Chiarelli too.

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