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Originally Posted by hotpaws View Post
And where has Burkes path led us ?

He's said many of things you're saying yet the team is still no better than they were under JFJ . He's tried to win every year but has done nothing but tank , at least this year he kept the pick .

How come Pitt's and Chicago's competitive spirit/skill development wasn't destroyed ?

I've heard every bs excuse but the fact's are Burke has done nothing but lose since he's been here . This large fact seems to be always ignored by fans who share your view .
Burke's inability to build a team has nothing to do with whether or not intentionally tanking is a legitimate strategy. In the case of Pit/Chi they did a full strip-down in order to literally re-build the entire team from scratch. If Burke came out and said we were starting from scratch, then you're damn right we better come in last place.

But that's a whole different thing than saying "hey if you aren't going to make the playoffs, why bother trying at all?" which seems to be the logic coming from most tank supporters.

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