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03-14-2012, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by utmfisher19 View Post
Why? Because then he can get in closer to his fans. Make him feel like a real person rather than just player on a NHL team like in a video game.

The upside is that people would get to know him as a REAL PERSON and not twist his words and then judge what he is saying based on those "twists". Because of people on this board (and a few other places), a few of the players have stopped tweeting (ex: Colin Wilson) because people read their tweets in such incorrect fashion. It's downright silly that we use such a great tool to connect with OUR TEAM's players (that has NEVER been available before this generation) to get to know them better as REAL PEOPLE, and instead use it to twist their words and make them sound like something else. It's disgusting to me.
What you describe here is known as "building your brand". A youngster such as Blum with nothing more than a high school education is much more prone to misrepresenting the way he wants to be percieved than leaving the impression he would like with his readers. That is why people pay big money to PR specialists to carefully craft their message. Given Blum's apparent proclivities toward being immature then laying it out there for everyone to see, he would be better off keeping his fingers at bay than tweeting.

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