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03-14-2012, 06:25 PM
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Originally Posted by PuckBuddy View Post
I just mean that it seemed more a question of "why" rather than "why not" for me, since I would imagine that readers are typically Russian and live their lives with the Ruble.

Is this common in Russian news in general?

Are KHL (or any) contracts actually denominated in non-Ruble currencies?

Not being argumentative, I'm just curious. Спасибо.
1) Last 10-15 years the exchange rate wasn't stable enough, so we are used to use dollar/euro for prices.

2) While you can use 1-2-3-4..10 M dollars which is easy enough to compare contract estimation in rubles would be like 30-60-150 and so on. 1,5M $ is 45M rubles. Probably it's easier for owners to count their money in dollars => salaries nominated in dollars, then something is done to adjust it into the contract law-wise. As most russian business owners make their deals dollars-nominated (import/export, credits - mostly dollars) - they are thinking and calculating in dollars.

3) There is no official info about contracts in KHL. All these data is just speculation by sources close to clubs (should be true often).

4) In real life ppl use dollars to estimate less and less. For example, if you buy a car you don't think about its price in dollar/euro. 5 years ago it was different though. Hockey player's contract is too big for that, yet.

5) And maybe they want you to compare KHL/NHL contracts with comfort.

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