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Originally Posted by californiacapsfan View Post
This makes no sense. The younger they are, the easier they learn and adapt. Kuz will remain the relatively one-dimensional player that he is if he stays to long in the KHL. My cousin plays in Russia and is very successful, but he'd be the first to tell you the NA game is much harder to play and that the best players play in NA.

He's good, but he's not one of the best. As a young man, he learned to play here and won a Cup in NJ. But mostly he has spent a lot of time in the AHL when in NA. So for him, the money and competition is better there.

For top players, though, if you want to play with the best, you still must play in the NHL. If Kuz doesn't prioritize that, fine. It's hard to argue with the money and fame he has in the K. but maybe he doesn't have the drive to be a world's best player. So maybe we don't need another less-than-fully-motivated guy on our team anyway.

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