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03-14-2012, 10:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Quarantesix View Post
so 1 line is scoring all of our goals and people are serously thinking we will win most of our games until the end of the season.

calm down tankers. geez

We suck and we will draft in the top5
7/10 pts suggests otherwise + the other teams aren't helping (our "rivals" are sucking bad and will continue to; van, a hot buffalo, ott should have been locks). Quite frankly it's the Leafs getting a higher pick that us that worries me. They might just break out of their abysmal suckitude this year with that pick. So unfair to go most of the season entertaining your fans and then giving them that great #3 pick. Then again...that must suck balls to realize you are what you are - just plain pathetic

this momentum will not carry over to next year. There are huge problems. If we solve them in the offseason that's great. If we do well next year it will have nothing to do with this late season surge, cuz that's all it is. IMO our opponents have not played that well and we've played uncharacteristically well (how I thought we would play from game 1). Through the draft...much more reliable way to turn things around (even if it's for the following year) if higher.

If we sweep this home and home and then beat the Isles it will be a very crushing turn of events. On draft day, it will become clear to everyone just what these past 5 games (long forgotten) will have done to the organization. Price was 5th. That turned out quite well.

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