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03-14-2012, 10:11 PM
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The Hammer was by far the most feared Flyers enforcer league wide in his day. Based on that he absolutely gets the nod as the meanest & toughest SOB to ever play for the O&B.

Aa far as hardest pure puncher nobody beats Behn Wilson in our history. I watched him hit this one guy with jist 1 punch, lift him up off the ice with that punch & the guy was out before he hit the ice. NOBODY wanted to figjt Wilson, and i mean nobody. Actually, Brashear probably rivaled Wilson for how hard he could punch.

As far as who i'd take, it would be a toss up between Wilson & Brashear. Both were far more than goons & both could kick the **** out of anyone else on this lost including Brown and Lindros. Honorable mention goes out to Paul Holmgren as he was far more than just an enforcer.

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