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03-14-2012, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Renegade Stylings View Post
Notice how not one player on his bench taps there stick or says anything when he skated by?

To me that says they didn't approve of what he was up to.
Good point, I noticed that as well. We've all done some stupid stuff in our hockey careers..and as someone who played for almost 20 years and has now officiated almost 10 and coached for 3, I've seen a lot of crap like this and try not to overreact and blow up over every little incident. On this one however, I'm gonna go as far as to call Macintyre a disgrace to the game. To me it looks like he's challenging an unwilling player at the face-off, doesn't get the response he wants so he cheap shots him. Than he proceeds to twice go after the other team's goalie and made several attempts to throw a linesmen off him as well. To the poster who didn't think this looked suspension worthy..please review the rules of hockey. I have respect for the role of the enforcer...but there's a code and Macintyre should know it as well as anyone. As someone who tried to play the game the right way it sickens me that joke like this get the chance to play with and ruin the careers of great hockey players.

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