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Originally Posted by CJam613 View Post
Would take the bolded trade in half a heartbeat. Cabrera is great but you are getting insane return for him.

Also Cabrera, Johnson, Ortiz and Kinsler are the easy 4 keepers for me.

EDIT: Unless the trade is pre-locking in keepers. Then it's tougher because you already have a good group of keepers without getting Granderson and Halladay. I would sit tight on what you already have if that's the case. Cabrera + Johnson + Ortis + Kinsler is a great group of keepers.
Yea, that trade would be pre-keepers. Keepers are due Friday, so I really need to pull the trigger here on something

Accepted the first trade, and will probably keep Johnson along with the three I got from the trade.

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