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02-10-2006, 07:22 AM
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couple of thoughts......

...defeat still tastes bitter in the morning, even a hard fought defeat. felt we were hanging on by our fingernails from about the 5 minute mark of the first with us up 2-0. you knew they were coming from behind, and just couldn't shake them off your tail. one of those games where when it was 2-0, where you just knew whoever scored the 3rd goal was going to win to be honest.
...yes we had a bad line change going on the game winning goal, and yes hamhuis got caught pinching, but schneider should have been kariya's man all the way. we had 5 men on the ice, and the forwards have got to pick up those trailing d-men.
...watching our breakout in comparison to detroit's is highly frustrating. wings always skating forward, always in complete control of the puck, always with guys gathering speed and breaking down the middle to get the puck to.'s patently obvious that detroit is a much better coached offensive club than we are. their breakout schemes are well thought out and run. you can tell we have never been an offensive oriented club before this year, our breakout from our zone and regroup int he neutral zone systems are so basic, and appear to be made up as we go along compared to the wings methodical methods here.
...sillinger. he appears to me to be perreault II. lack of speed. lack of stickhandling ability. a good sniper-type guy. a good faceoff guy. always about a step behind the play while i've been watching him lately. a guy who can get you goals, if he posts up somewhere and waits for someone else to make a play. maybe i'm being too harsh and hasty, i'll wait and see.

...i get so frustrated listening to people on the call-in show, to willy's explainations, and to comments on the board about the reasons we're getting outshot so bad every game. all anyone can say is "we need a physical defensiveman". like that is the reason we're giving up over 40 shots a game. of course our inability to win those fights down low for the puck does contribute mightily to those shots totals. of course it does. but the real reason we're giving up so many shots isn't our defensivemen at all. it's the fact that we are all of a sudden a HORRIBLE forechecking and backchecking team. we simply are allowing the other team to gather itself when they get the puck, to skate up ice, to pick the man breaking thru the neutral zone with speed that they want to skate the puck in and hit him with an easy pass. and bam they're driving the net in our zone, or driving into the zone and when a dman has to break to stop them simply dumping the puck off to one of the far points in our zone and having a ready made offense set up. this is due to the fact we have slow centers (good chance that perreault,sillinger, johnson, smithson as a foursome are the slowest combined 4 centers on one team in the west). teams can do this because we have small non-physical forwards galore (kariya, sully, erat). teams can do this because we don't have a forecheck going EVER (unless somehow our 4th line is actually on the ice). we don't have the team speed to backcheck like we used to anymore and break up plays as teams gain our zone.

i realize newer hockey fans cann't see this aspect of the game easily and it simply appears that somehow our d-men are failing to do their jobs defending. but this is the area where we really,really miss a healthy legwand and walker.... think it's an accident we're giving up an average of 5 more shots a game these last 25 than the first 25 or that somehow our defensivemen have gotten worse?...

thank god for the olympic break. the team needs it, but i need it worse. this is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but right now i feel enthusiasm and fun slipping away. i really need the break.

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