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03-15-2012, 09:22 AM
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The Good:

The Puck! Thanks Puck! Stafford got not one, not two, but THREE fortuitous bounces on his shorty! GREAT hustle on his part, he was rewarded by the Hockey Gods for his hustle.

Ennis. He's playing brilliant hockey right now. 14 points in his past 15 games, and perhaps the #1 reason why the Sabres have hope of making the playoffs. Ruff still doesn't get it. Ennis needs to be THE MAN on the power play. The RW half boards is HIS office. Not that ass-clown Roy, his time is done.

Ehrhoff. I love this guy, he drives the net as well or better than anybody on the team. Some sick passes, and his shot is loaded with pure rattle snake venom. It's easy to see why he's a 50 point blue liner, and we got him for another 9 years? ****ing A.

Stafford. When he reacts instead of thinking, he's really good. When he thinks too much or tries to be too fancy he kind of sucks. By now, he should really know his limitations. Stop pushing the envelope Stafford, lead with steady reliable hockey. Set the example.

Foligno. I like this kid a lot, he's obviously got the tools to be a good power forward at the NHL level, but I'm not sold on his effort and talent. Let's see how he plays in another 2 or 3 weeks. Great game!

The Bad:

Miller played like a bag of pucks. Where's the West Coast Miller?

Hodgson...meh why beat a dead horse?

Weber's stock is dropping. I guess I get disenchanted with everything Pittsburgh related sooner or later? Or maybe it's just the fact that he is insanely risky with the puck. His vision and foot speed are not being compensated for with physical play. He is, a tremendous shot blocker but he's gotta bring more to stay a Sabre IMO.

The Ugly:

The refs...meh...another dead horse.

The Ruff.

The Regier.

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