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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I finally completed a reorganization of the Duke Keats bio.

Here is my version.

Here is jarek's original.

There's nothing all that new there. I included the more detailed look at his stats from this draft and what I thought were the best quotes from jarek's extensive bio (which was so full of research it was hard to follow at times IMO). It's 10% original work, 90% leaching off jarek.

I'm bringing it up here, because Jarek's profile contained this quote from a 1923 newspaper (the one describing why Keats was a 1st Team All Star):

"Quick on his skates" can mean anything, but I doubt they would call someone who was the slowest player in the league, right? So I skimmed jarek's original bio for quotes about Keats' skating and realized that the two hilarious quotes about Keats being the slowest skater in the league and "not quite as slow as a snail" are from 1928, his last good season before he really declined.

Jarek (or others who have researched the period), is the actual evidence Keats was a slug for his entire career or just at the end of it, as he started putting on weight? (By no means am I selling Keats as above average or even average here, but I genuinely wonder if the reputation of him being a slug is overblown based off of quotes from the end of his career, like we used to think about George Boucher).
My impression was that he only started getting super slow by the end of his career. I literally did this: open Google News Archive, type "Duke Keats" (without the quotes), narrow the time frame to within the years he played and go. I probably went through 400 or 500 articles, but I never found any reference to his poor skating until 1928, basically. Him putting on weight probably had a lot to do with it, yeah. The only evidence I have that he WASN'T slow before then is the lack of evidence that he was, however, given the last few years of his career where he was basically the slowest player in the entire league, I would say that puts him at a below average skating level.

I didn't try to sell this too hard last time because I wasn't too concerned about it, and how much could it really improve his skating reputation anyways? Going from horrible to well below average isn't much of an upgrade.. but perhaps you can get some mileage out of it. I doubt it would make much of a difference anyways. I don't think the outlook on Keats' skating is going to be enough to prove he's better than Max Bentley.

Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post
Seems like I'm on the clock!


With our 22nd selection, the 728th overall in this year All-Time Draft, l'équipe nationale de France est fier de sélectionner, from Vojnuv Mestec , Czechoslovakia, l'ailier Jaroslav 'Potato' Jirik
(seventieslord biography)
seventies really impressed me with this guy, nice pick!

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