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03-15-2012, 08:55 AM
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I was wondering when the hyena's like Cox and Simmons were going to come runnin'! They could smell the viewings from kicking this dead horse a mile away!

Great idea Cox!!! Trade Kessel after a career year! Why trade him now? What's the rush? He's a UFA in 2 years??? So why not trade him in 2 years if you can't sign him! Why does every player have to be rushed out of Toronto??

I hear evryone screaming he's not a RC type player? The only person I don;t hear saying that is RC who stated he thinks Kessel is a very gifted player and is fully aware of his defensive woes and is going to work with it???

He may not be the best defensive player or even a remotely good defensive player but can you not cover that with Lupul adn eventually a good defensive center?

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