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03-15-2012, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by tserberis View Post
Now to 2/3 thing.

The player that didn't reach 29 years old will have to pay his club 2/3 of the money he was set to make on his contract from the date he terminates it till the end of the contract.
Example: player is set to make 3 mil in his last year, he decide to terminate the contract. Now he has to pay his club 2 mil.
Originally Posted by barrytrotzsneck View Post
Now surfacing that the team wants to retain his rights, which they can't do unless he leaves in the Ufa is, as of now, refusing to let him go. Rads' mind is made up, but it might not matter.
this is what really chaps my ass... he had no problem saying **** you to us and ******** all over his NHL contract but he's letting himself be bound by the KHL contract rules???

Im thinking the whole thing will come down to whether we want to pay Ufa to release him.... I have thought all along it would come down to that.... and Im surprised it hasnt been brought up sooner...

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