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03-15-2012, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by sina220 View Post
Yea and here's what coach said...

"One personnel note before I go. Philip Samuelsson was sent to Wheeling today. I talked to assistant GM Jason Botterill this afternoon and he said it was a move designed to get him some playing time. Botterill said he thinks Samuelsson is coming along just fine for a 20-year-old first-year pro. He added that the Penguins organization expects to see the greatest improvement in defensemen from their first to second year, like you saw with Brian Strait and Robert Bortuzzo. In other words, if Samuelsson is getting sent to Wheeling next March, you can start to raise red flags. Until then, itís all part of the process."

Ill keep this all in mind though, since so many of you are already willing to write the kid off at such an early stage. And considering the whole bandwagon of anti-samuelsson people in this thread, I'm gonna need a whole truckload of crow to serve up to you goofs next year.

Regarding Bortuzzo, strait and Lovejoy...

If Lovejoy was a goner as you say and straits ready, why not just ship or waive Lovejoy at the deadline? Its because despite what you think our organization realizes the potential still within Benny. Have you seen the last 2 NBC telecasts? Pierre mentioned specifically in the last one about how the organization raved about bennys skating, puck carrying, and lateral mobility. In the previous one Crosby mentioned in the interview Benny is one of the hardest working guys in practice which Pierre rementioned this past weekend. The organization sees the potential and value in a big bodied, intelligent, defender with great wheels. The majority of lovejoys mistakes aren't in coverage, they're either joining the rush too early or getting caught up ice. 1. Easily correctable, and 2. Considering he's been in when letangs out they've probably greenlit him to try and spark some offense.

And I loved the hate Benny was getting on the krecji goal last game. Orpik blows a tire mid-transition and everyone acts like Benny was waaaay outta position. It was a broken play against a good team, it happens.

Also, if straits ahead of bortuzzo on the depth chart, it isn't by much. Hes got seniority going for him as well, which the organization clearly respects. Just look at the way guys like picard, Hutchinson, Williams, etc were brought up early in their years, only to never be seen again. There's a decent chance bortuzzo gets the next call just for rotational purposes.

And lastly, all you people need to stop pretending strait is a "big" or "thick" defender. He's clearly not, go back and rewatch the games Hes one of thee smallest guys on the ice at all times. And if you really want to break it down, he's about the average size of most NHL forwards. Note I said "average", as in mediocre, regular, not really that big at all.

Not that it's impossible for him to be a good defender at that size, but what really does he bring that sets him apart? Nothing. Again, that's why I said if he can become known as a physical presence, ala boullion, he could carve out a niche. As it stands now most all teams can find a more valuable 6th defender. Straits basically scuderi without the physicality, or Eaton without the size. However you want to look at it, he's got less value than either of them did to this team when they were allowed to walk. At least Lovejoy brings a skating and puck carrying ability only martin and letang really posses on the back end right now. For all his improvement, niskanen rarely rushes/handles the puck and despres is still a bit tentative with the puck on his stick.
You are clueless. You can quote whoever you want in the organization. They own these players rights. Do you really think they are going to bad mouth them to the press? This is a first class organization, they are trained to say all the right things. Just like last years training camp when everyone was raving about how Despres almost made the team. The coach and all the higher ups played along for the press. His carreer has been maped out by the organisation. He wasn't going to make the team out of camp last year or this year but it makes good press. Morrow did the same thing this year in training camp. Everyone thinks he's going to make the team next season. It's not going to happen. Just like Despres, he will be the first one sent down because that's their plan. Next year is a new year the deck gets reshuffled. We will see who's still here, Strait, Bortuzzo, Lovejoy, or Niskanen? Strait will be playing in the NHL next season i'm just not sure it will be with the Pens. Just for the record, he is 200lbs, I asked my source. He also tells me that they aren't as in love with Lovejoy as they lead to believe. Another case of saying all the right things to the press.

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