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02-10-2006, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Starshollow
Hes Swedish.

And Jester.. If Philly had reached the finals in the SC and Forsberg had been in the same situation he is right now, what would you want him to do, rest for two weeks, or take a chanse?
i'd want him to play.

then again my tickets and cable bill go to paying his 5 million dollar salary, so i have a little bit more interest at that point... i also would have ZERO problem with Forsberg playing in an international event after the Flyers season was over and whatever else... it is the risk to the FLYERS' season that is the crux of the issue. you have ZERO vested interest in what happens AFTER the olympics.

for the record i ripped Lemieux for what he did to Pittsburgh after the last Olympics... we're in the same friggin spot here.

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