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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
I'm pretty sure that's who we were all talking about

I have him and Redden as near-equals in terms of peak and career value. Jovanovski might be a slighty better individual player, but he's not as easy to fit into a line-up, which is why I took Redden.

Nice pick.
I think Redden peaked higher but career value, you might give it to Jovo, since Redden's play fell off a cliff.

When I was listing potential #5 defensemen for me, Jovo wasn't even on my radar because I didn't consider him the type of player I wanted.

I wanted a good two-way guy. His physical beastliness is great, but I preferred a cerebral player who was good in his own zone at even strength and good on the PP. (And let's face it, you aren't getting a guy who is both smart and physical and has offensive instincts this late in the draft).

According to "The Spreadsheet," Jovo's PP offense is actually fairly unimpressive - it seems he gets a large % of his offense at even strength, which is fine if that's what you're going for. (Though it does go along with the perception that he perhaps sacrificed D for O).

He was top of my list for #7s though and could be a #5 if you wanted a more high-risk high-reward guy. (I did consider him as a #5 at some point if that was the direction I wanted to go).

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