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Originally Posted by squidz View Post
No, and I don't have to have a single shred of evidence to be in the right either.

The league has claimed concussions are caused by the speed of the game, and therefore we must change the rules. The onus is upon them to prove that the speed of the game has some statistically significant impact upon concussion incidence. If they cannot do that, they cannot rightfully make changes to the game to "fix" things. They're the ones making the claim, and trying to take action. The fact that they've been unable to establish any link implies either they're not trying (and therefore no one should accept their claim) or that there is not link (and therefore no one should accept their claim).

Unless they are able to establish that link, they will be wrong to even so much as suggest changes.

Saying "the league has no empirical evidence" completely and utterly negates any and every statement they make about it. They've quite literally made up a boogeyman with absolutely no factual basis, and have been attacking it violently without any effort to establish whether it actually exists. This isn't an issue of player safety because there's absolutely no reason to even so much as suspect there could possibly be a remote link. This is like hearing your car make a squeaking noise, so without looking at anything, you replace the entire exhaust system. Does the exhaust have anything to do with the noise? Maybe, but since you never bothered to establish 1) that there is a problem or 2) what is causing the problem, you just went through a long, expensive process that quite likely did you absolutely no good.
Again, just because we have don't have exact numbers, it doesn't mean that the GM's and the NHL don't. I haven't seen the year to year concussions since they got reported, and neither have you. You're acting like just because there isn't a spreadsheet in front you, the GM's / NHL are making a blind guess.

Is there any data that hybrid icing is safer? Obviously though, I am in favor of it. Not because I have the numbers, but because I see the logic. Reducing the amount of times players go full speed into the boards = less horrific and unnecessary injuries. Same thing applies with allowing a bit more holding / interference on dump ins and around the boards, which is what I'm suggesting. And from the actual numbers of penalties called on those this year, it seems the officials / league agrees with me

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