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03-15-2012, 06:04 PM
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I see some posts saying:

"We can't do anything to help the tank, the players and coach want to win" or something to that effect

umm..duh. I don't think anyone was thinking that we try to give the team home team (disadvantage, which of course now in bizzaro world, we are winning EVEN at home).

The desire to get that high pick is expressed as an outcome of the game not with the intention of trying to change the result. If that were true, we've done a shiiiite job trying to get them to win all season.

There are no positives to finishing the season strong in the face of a possibly high pick. They just do NOT matter. At the end of last year, we thought, no Markov, team had injuries, we still took Boston to game 7 so we'll DEFINITELY be in the top 5 of the conference next year with how good PK is and Emelin coming over (btw, both WERE awesome this season IMO), when we got Cole, boosted even more (and he obviously has had a great season).

Thus based on our "great end" to last season (only an OT game 7 loss kept us out), we predicted the world for this team, or many did. Too much can go wrong as we've seen. What a horrible season it's been despite the supposed effect of the previous year carrying over.

Yes, absolutely us doing well has shown me that we have lots of great pieces, but I knew that before. I didn't need the last couple of games to tell me Eller is going to be really good, that DD is the **** (I thought that at the start of the season), that Max is back and with Cole has been our MVP perhaps tied also with Price, who has continued to be a solid rock for this team (please don't argue that, he has), that Emelin is a beast and that we will have a great blueline in 2-3 years.

I knew all this stuff before the edmonton game. When we go to make the selection, who the hell is going to care about the fact we beat Edmonton, Van, got a point off Buffalo and beat Ottawa (maybe twice). Will it be awesome if we beat the isles? No. It will give another team a chance at picking the fwd we desperately need if we want to see Ws in the coming years. I just don't see how this late in the season, people want us to shoot for 11th when the alternative is getting a potential franchise player. Nobody is saying the players themselves shouldn't try to win (although playing the less talented ones does help), just that every win sucks, no matter how nice it feels to see the team win. When the playoffs start and all the hoopla begins, you'll feel empty. How would you feel about going into the playoffs next year or the year after with a lineup that includes our current budding stars + a Nail Yakupov or whoever? I imagine a lot better than seeing toronto get that pick.

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