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03-15-2012, 07:54 PM
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Originally Posted by riseandfall9 View Post
I consider myself a pretty big Lakers fan.

But Jerry Buss is too busy with that young 24 year old p*ssy and Jim Buss is a complete moron.

Really? Fisher traded with a 1st to save $3.4 million dollars and an additional $900,000 in taxes ? They just signed a ****en Billion dollar TV deal. Jim Buss stop pinching pennies. Im telling you DL and Jim Buss need to stop watching ****en Money Ball. Get it through your head they arnt making a movie about you.
Yup. Jim Buss will forever be known as the guy who said you can get a dozen drunks from a bar and they can do the same job as a scout. That was when he fired the Lakers head scout of 30 years. Stay classy.

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