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11-15-2003, 08:38 PM
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Only taking out the "not worth anything" would make my post pretty constructive. And I must add that I didn't throw any insult in this, as I don't think saying a post is biased is an insult, just needs some "look back at it, see if what I'm saying is REALLY what happened and not the way I think". Maybe I use it the wrong way.. I don't know.

I agree that the habs didn't deserve that win. I think your comments on players most of the time makes sense and are deserved, I just had to jump on that one because I thought those 3 evaluations weren't near what they really deserve. I actually enjoy reading your evaluations every night..

Gotta sleep, I realise I didn't answer all the points but I'm tired

Again, sorry if I insulted you.

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