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11-15-2003, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by rahan
Again, sorry if I insulted you.
Not in the least.

All I want to do is force out the best possible discussion and it seemed like your post was made in haste and anger and I wasn't sure that you actually read the entire thing before posting.

You think Rivet played poorly, I agree. I just think he was working hard whist being useless. Was it his 'A' game? Hardly, I think you and I would agree that it being his 'D' game is perhaps a stretch. You think Perreault and Audette played better than I gave them credit for? That's possible, for sure. Perhaps too much of my mark is based on that second period where I felt most of the forwards failed to make an appearance, it's entirely possible. I scanned the game tape again quickly for instances of either of the two and while I stand by what I said about Perreault, perhaps I *was* a little harsh on Audette, though I don't think by much.

I think the problem with assigning 'marks' for a player during a game is that it's tough to decide what to mark because each player brings something totally different to the game. I'm tempted to do away with them entirely because it is *they* that are starting discussions rather than what really matters - what I've written before that about how the player really performed.

In the end, though, I like to put out something for a) people who haven't seen the game and might like an indication of what happened, and b) a brief analysis which can serve to help others' examine their thoughts about the players and start rational debate or perhaps help with understanding for a more casual fan.

Too many on these lists feel the need to be confrontational when in reality we're all in the same boat - Hab fans.

A concerned (Hab) fan.

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