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Originally Posted by squidz View Post
Another bad analogy.

For the lockout rule changes, the league clearly established that scoring was down. By reviewing historic differences in rules, as well as the variations upon rulesets between various leagues around the world to determine things which would cause an increase in scoring. Again, they did their due diligence, establishing 1) there is a problem and 2) this will cause the desired change, before implementing changes.

What you are advocating for is screaming into a room "won't someone please think of the children!" and making wholesale changes to the game without ever knowing if there's even a problem.
I'd advocating a whole sale change? Pre-lockout interference isn't that big of a deal, and like I said, the refs are leaning that way now with their calls. Players get away with a lot more interference than previous. I never once said I was in favor of getting rid of the 2 line pass.

And, player safety doesn't have to be pre lockout vs post lockout rules. It sounds like hey like how the game flows now. Clearly concussions are a big problem and they're looking for ways to reduce them.

You're acting like I wanna completely start from scratch or something, which is clearly not the case. Ita appears you're grasping at straws now, and have been for awhile.

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