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03-15-2012, 11:35 PM
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If the question of this summer were Weber vs. Parise it would be much more of a debate IMO. In that case I would probably go with Weber over Parise. Being as it is Suter vs. Parise it makes the decision to more heavily pursue Parise a pretty easy one to me. I think Suter is a damn fine defenseman. He may be the best defensive defenseman out there. I just don't see the all around game that I would want to give to a player making $7+ million. He's good offensively but not dynamic enough. Again, Weber brings it all to the table. He can pass, he can hit, he can skate, plays defense like a boss, has just the right amount of mean streak, and that shot...the velocity is one thing but the dude can hit the net. If Weber were out there I'd say you offer him what you want, go for a Cup full on in the next 4-5 years and let the chips fall where they may. I just don't see Suter taking any team to that next level.

I'm not all that interested in seeing any advanced statistics on Parise. I've seen him enough to know that he's a player you can win with. He's the hardest working player on the ice and gets results because he combines that with a solid skill set. Aside from that big injury he's been a durable player as well. I'm not sure how high or how long you go (both are going to be more than ideal) but kind of like Weber I think he's worth it. I see a lot of similarities in Parise and Eriksson and if we could just clone Eriksson and put him on the other top line then great. Parise is the closest thing to that and comes from a strong organization to boot.

I think the Stars should pursue Suter like the Texas Rangers "pursued" big name free agents 5-6 years ago. Rangers fans know what I mean by this. I think we should be (relatively) all in pursuing Parise.

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